Lead with Collaboration

Work with our collaborative intelligence model and better your collaborative working relationships.

We will work with you to better your collaborative working relationships. This may be at the beginning of a collaboration project or joint venture or it could be part way through when the working relationship is not efficient or at ease.

Our collaborative intelligence model is used to understand how our working context impacts the relationship and to explore the ethos and mindset required to work collaboratively. The working relationships are explored in a safe way finding a way forward for all involved.

What we offer

Pull together and unlock possibility

A tailored in-house action learning programme comprising a series of assessments and joint one-day workshops, and follow-up action planning.

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Our engagement with On Purpose was beneficial on many different levels. We sought to build a more collaborative relationship with our main contractor after protracted commercial disagreements and various operational issues had put noticeable strain on our interactions. Norton engaged positively and openly with both sides and sought to tailor the programme to our needs based on the feedback he received. We enjoyed a day away in the tranquil surrounds of Kemnay to ‘clear the air’ and focus on what company & contractor needed from one another and how best to provide it for mutual, day-to-day and long-term benefit of the Asset. We agreed on an Action Plan and a Charter to govern our relationship going forward, and observed tangible and immediate benefits through the way we went about sharing information, based on a new understanding of each other’s’ perspectives.

– Noel Hagan

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