Lead with Collaboration

Work with our collaborative intelligence model and better your collaborative working relationships.

We will work with you to better your partnerships. This may be at the beginning of a collaboration project or joint venture or it could be part way through when the working relationship is not efficient or at ease.

Our collaborative intelligence model is used to understand how your working context impacts the relationship and to explore the ethos and mindset required to work collaboratively. The working relationships are explored in a safe way, finding a way better forward for all involved.

Working in partnership is essential to success in today's knowledge based competitive economy.

Here is Norton discussing Collaboration as a Business Ethos at the Decom Offshore 2017 conference:

This short 21 minute video summaries how we see the development of a collaborative intelligence by integrating and aligning your Intention (Outer Focus), Motivation (Other Focus) and Awareness (Inner Focus) - through the development of a compassion motivation and mindfulness awareness.

What we offer

Pull together and unlock possibility

A tailored in-house action learning programme comprising a series of assessments and joint one-day workshops, and follow-up action planning.

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Collaborate and Engage - Discover the Magic of Trust

A bespoke program developed to reflect each client’s unique set of circumstances and current business context.

During a series of short but sharply focused interventions, Lynn and Norton will be helping you to establish a solid relationship-based platform for improving performance towards shared goals. Ultimately, creating the conditions, and paving the way for more effective and conscious win:win:win thinking and decision making.

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On Purpose provided an invaluable service to Premier Oil in the formative stages of the collaboration initiative sponsored by the Oil and Gas Authority. The team provided an excellent workshop where the issues from both the client and the service provider were aired in a non-confrontational way. Once this had been completed and agreement reached on the areas where improvement needed to be made and how this could be achieved. The result was that an improved relationship was developed over the operational life of the field with minimal confrontation and a more collaborative working relationship. Without On Purpose this would not have been possible, and the relationship would have continued to be an unproductive and adversarial one for both parties.

– Paul Williams

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