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Become the Leader you aspire to be through our unique blend of coaching, facilitating and consulting. Work with us to develop and foster the spirit of collaboration within your team or organisation.

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Our mission is simple...we want to help you to lead from a place of authenticity, where you can connect with others, lead and make a difference. With over a decade of experience we have been working with executives and their teams to lead with awareness of how their environments and behaviours can trigger negative behaviours and how this can be changed to create collaborative working environments.

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Image of Norton Bertram-Smith

Norton Bertram-Smith

Norton is the founder of On Purpose. He has led and implemented strategic change in large organisations. He brings a wealth of business experience and personal discovery to working with clients. Norton focuses on understanding the context in which leadership exists and bringing authentic leadership into the workplace.

Image of Lynn Bertram-Smith

Lynn Bertram-Smith

Lynn believes that being comfortable in your own skin and your ability to connect with others will determine how successful you are as a leader in work and in life. She works closely with leaders and teams to discover how their behaviours affect others. Lynn also works with individuals to increase their understanding of self and enable them to achieve their dreams and ambitions.