Lead with Collaboration

Explore your attitude to collaboration and recognise the mindset shift you may need to make to achieve success for all.

We will support your leaders in navigating the mindset shift they may need to make to go from co-operation to collaboration.

Collaboration is a business ethos which often gets tested by external forces at play. By using our collaborative intelligence model a leader can learn to become aware of how they end up cooperating and what they need to do to start collaborating.

What we offer

Shift your mindset and collaborate

A series of three one day masterclasses

Dates for next masterclasses series:
#1: The magic of the greater good - Thursday 1st November
#2: The power of connection - Thursday 6th December
#3: The wisdom of responding mindfully - Thursday 10th January

Venue: Unit 11, Netherton Business Centre, Kemnay, AB15 5LX

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